Council has approved the Rapid Transit Master Plan

At its meeting on July 25, 2017, City Council approved the Rapid Transit Master Plan and Updated Business Case.

The Master Plan addresses Phase 1 and 2 of the Environmental Assessment process and concludes with a Public Review Period to provide Londoners an opportunity to comment on the Bus Rapid Transit Network. Learn more about the next stage of the study process at

The 45-day Public Review Period for the Rapid Transit Master Plan is open from August 3 to September 18, 2017.

Check out the complete Rapid Transit Master Plan under Shift Resources. Hard Copies are available at City Hall, the LTC downtown office and London Public Library branches citywide.

We want your feedback. Comments collected during the public review period will inform the project moving forward through next phase of the study. What questions do you feel we can answer in more detail going forward?

Your input will help guide the preliminary engineering design to deliver the best Rapid Transit Network for London.

Send comments and feedback to:

Jennie Ramsay, P. Eng.
Project Director, Rapid Transit
City of London
Tel: (519 ) 661-2489 x 5823


Brian Hollingworth, P. Eng.
IBI Group
Tel: (519) 472-7328


Rapid Transit Master Plan and Business Case Ready for Council Approval

On May 16th 2017, Council approved the revised Bus Rapid Transit Network.  With Council’s approval of the corridors, the Shift project team has completed the Rapid Transit Master Plan for approval and initiation of the Public Review period.  Check out the approved Bus Rapid Transit corridors.

On July 24th, Council’s Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee (SPPC) will consider the finalized Rapid Transit Master Plan and updated Business Case with staff’s recommendation of the following:

  • Approval of Rapid Transit Master Plan Documents;
  • Initiation of the Public Review Period;
  • Progressing Provincial and Federal funding submissions; and
  • Approval of an updated Rapid Transit Budget.


SPPC starts at 4pm Monday.  As always, attend or tune in live at

The full Rapid Transit Master Plan report and all appendices are available for review under the Shift Resources Tab.

The Rapid Transit Master Plan addresses Phase 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process and with Council Approval of the Master Plan, the EA process will continue following the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP).


We're Moving Forward!

After careful review of a variety of alternatives, on May 16th, 2017, London City Council took the important step of selecting the corridors that will make up the City’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network. At the recommendation of staff, Council approved a refined version of L and 7-shaped corridors bisecting the City.

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Shift Rapid Transit Recommendation

The question has been asked, what has changed? Simple answer.  Timing.  The preliminary recommendation that was identified in November is still the longer term solution.

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London's Downtown Belongs to Everyone and is Our Calling Card to the World

With more and more people seeking to call urban areas their home, we must focus more on transportation to get them around the city.

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The Stars are Seldom this Well Aligned

In order to compete in an increasingly globalized economy where both capital and labour can move around the world, London needs a strategy to attract and retain talent.

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Public Spaces: Creating Cities for People

The cities in which we live play a vital role in our health, well-being and overall quality of life. One of the largest contributors in cities to one's quality of life is the public spaces and streets that exist. Public spaces, which includes streets, provide the opportunity for people to come together in their cities and neighbourhoods.

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It's Time to Reimagine What Transit in London Should Look Like

Students in London make up the single largest ridership for transit in the city of London. We rely on the bus to get us to school, to work and everywhere else in-between. But right now, the transit system in London is simply not working for students and it's not working for Londoners.

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Shifting to Better Health!

There’s been growing interest in rapid transit since Mayor Matt Brown announced London’s new Shift initiative during his State of the City address. The process to re-imagine how people move from one place to another in our City is underway, and we’re all being asked to contribute our thoughts and ideas.

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Shift: An Important Discussion/Shaping London's Future

Historically the street was a place to meet with our neighbours. They were the places where we celebrated our victories and shared our collective losses. Streets helped to define a city’s culture and identity, and shaped how they grew.

If streets shape neighbourhoods then our mode of transportation shapes the streets.

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