What's Bus Rapid Transit?

What is Rapid Transit?
Rapid Transit means the movement of many people, at the same time, and at higher speeds using vehicles such as buses or trains. 

RT_1_400.jpgRapid Transit creates vibrant livable communities
Rapid Transit creates great places to live and work by bringing people and places closer together. It is a permanent approach that focuses on access and mobility for everyone; supports smart, sustainable growth; and provides viable, greener options for transportation in the Forest City.

Picture2.jpgRapid Transit gets people where they want to go faster
Riders will enjoy a faster, more reliable and comfortable service that will carry more people on larger, modern vehicles because they will travel in a lane dedicated mostly for Rapid Transit. More transit riders will create opportunities to reshape our roadways and public spaces creating opportunities to connect cycling lanes and improve pedestrian spaces.

RT_3_400.jpgRapid Transit is more than trains and buses
Rapid Transit is a combination of elements including vehicles, stations, right-of-ways, fare collection systems and smart technologies. They make the system faster to access and more enjoyable to ride. Vehicles may include bigger, high quality buses that hold more people more comfortably, light rail vehicles that accomplish the same, or a combination of both. Either way, it’s about a complete system that offers a modern or state of the art service to passengers.

Picture4.jpgRapid Transit is of interest to everyone
Rapid Transit offers transportation choices that will help shape London's future. It will influence how pedestrians, cyclists, cars and trucks move in all parts of the city. An improved, faster, reliable service will attract increased ridership as residential and commercial buildings and spaces increase along the line. Greater ridership on Rapid Transit will reduce the impact of population growth, providing a greener choice for the Forest City. This will help create opportunities for improved streetscapes, new cycling lanes and better pedestrian spaces making London a more liveable city.