Why do all the proposed routes miss all the industrial areas?




  • RT aims to provide quick connections for longer-distance travel and will serve major destinations and provide convenient transfers to other routes that will get you to your final destination, like the industrial areas.

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  • Total numbers of people who work at Industrial area might not be less than people who work in downtown, but the City Hall did not pay enough attention to people who work in Manufacturing. Existing routes to University, downtown, and Fanshawe College are good enough already. Keep in mind, students only take buses in fall and winter; oppositely, the industrial area are busy all seasons of the year, and people need to go to work from morning to afternoon. And those residents pay property tax to support public transit, but students are not.

    Just taking 3M Canada, General Dynamic, StarTech in the Industrial Park as examples, they are top 10 biggest employers of City of London. Most of employees live in London, own properties, pay taxes. In reality, a few people can take advantage of public transit to work . It is because there are too many routes to downtown, only one or two bus routes go Industrial Park, and they are not direct routes for most people. Myself lived at Huron and Highbury and went to work at Industrial area, it took me 50 min in the morning and 1 hour 15 minutes in the afternoon, and I had to make 3 transfers, waited for buses come every 20-30 minutes in rush hours. I gave up on taking buses and ended up drive to work for only 10 minutes one way.

    Due to long waiting time, too many transfers and less routes of public transit in industrial areas, a lot of people cannot take advantage of taking buses to work. The city hall should consider to design more direct routes to industrial area, and adjust bus frequency to every 10 min at rush hours, make it convenience and time saving, so that people will have incentive to take buses than driving.