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Transforming the Way London Moves.


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London is Canada’s largest urban centre without a modern rapid transit system. That’s about to change with a vision nearly a decade in the making.

Thriving cities worldwide have modern rapid transit. Moving more people, more efficiently, means more Londoners getting to and from work easily, more customers shopping and dining at local businesses, more fans getting to the game on time, more culture lovers supporting the arts more often, and more students and visitors venturing out to experience ‐ and invest in ‐ everything London has to offer.

It also means vulnerable Londoners with mobility or financial issues can move more easily to jobs, to child care, and to important support services.

With BRT corridors acting as the spine of the transit system, plus a 35 per cent increase in transit service hours system-wide, there are benefits for everyone who rides the bus.

But all Londoners – including those who always drive – will have an enhanced experience, thanks to the project’s investments in smart traffic signals, road widening and streetscape improvements, plus dedicated bus lanes that help keep traffic moving smoothly.

All that, and cleaner air for the next generation of families ‐ to the tune of 230,000 tonnes less greenhouse gas by 2050.

With BRT, London can capitalize on infrastructure investments and build a best‐in‐class transportation system to carry us ‐ and our economy ‐ into the future.

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