Benefits of Rapid Transit

Whether you are a current transit rider or die-hard car lover, investments in Rapid Transit could benefit you. Here are some potential benefits:

  • Make transit a more attractive choice- Transit trips will be up to 50% faster with Rapid Transit;
  • Reduce congestion on streets- By 2030, 25% more cars will be on London roadways. Rapid Transit can move people more efficiently, comfortably and reliably;
  • Increase people activity in business areas- Pedestrian activity will increase around transit villages, Rapid Transit stations and downtown;
  • Create jobs, attract talent and investments- Rapid Transit is a catalyst for urban regeneration, community building and economic investment. Over 77,000 new residents and 43,000 more jobs will call London home by 2035;
  • Encourage compact and walkable communities- mixed-use, transit-oriented development will enhance the public realm;
  • Reduce emissions and create a greener London- reducing the per trip greenhouse gas emissions  will improve air quality across the city;
  • Increases the carrying capacity of our roadways- A Rapid Transit lane can carry three to eight times as many people as a general purpose vehicle lane; and,
  • Save households income- Families can save $7,500 per year for each extra vehicle they can avoid.