Draft Environmental Project Report for BRT

The Draft Environmental Project Report (EPR) highlights the recommended designs for the approved BRT network, which were shared with the public at recent Open House events in February and March. The report includes all of the supporting studies and background materials - from traffic modeling and records of public consultation to archaeological and environmental studies.

What's next for London's BRT?

The report will be presented to the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee (SPPC) on Monday, April 23 before going to City Council on Tuesday, April 24.

The related Staff Report will be available on the City's website at London.ca before April 23, 2018. 

With Council approval, the next phase of the project is a technical review by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and a six-month provincially legislated process that includes more public consultation.

Have questions about the Draft EPR? Email us at shift@london.ca.

SPPC Meeting 

Presentation deck available here

Draft EPR Technical Studies 

Executive Summary

Table of Contents, Glossary, List of Acronyms

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Project Description

Section 3 - Existing Conditions

Section 4 - Impact Assessment, Mitigation and Monitoring

Section 5 - Consultation Process

Section 6 - Permits and Approvals

Section 7 - Commitments to Future Works

Appendix A: Design Plates

Appendix B: Consultation Report

Stop and Streetscapes Workshop

Public Information Centre#5

Open House

Public and Property Owner Consultation Summary

Indigenous Community Consultation

Technical Agency, Local Municipalities and Utilities Correspondence and Meeting Minutes

Rapid Transit Implementation Working Group (RTIWG) Meeting Materials

Technical Agencies Group Meeting Materials and Minutes

Municipal Advisory Group Meeting Materials and Minutes

Community Stakeholders Group Meeting Materials and Minutes

Appendix C: Streetscape Elements

Appendix D: Stop Architecture

Appendix E

Appendix F: Geotechnical Report

Appendix G: Environmental Impact Study

Appendix H: Air Quality

Appendix I: Noise and Vibration

Appendix J: Archaeological Assessment 

Appendix K: Cultural Heritage Screening Report (CHSR)

Appendix L: Stormwater

BRT Design Renderings