BRT Features and Benefits

A Better Travel Experience. For Everyone.


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Making Local Bus Service Even Better

By building a strong spine of rapid transit service across north‐east and south-west corridors, BRT will enhance London’s overall transit system. By operating in dedicated lanes, BRT buses will be predictable and reliable, avoiding traffic congestion – not adding to it. Many local bus routes will see more frequent service, and some routes will be extended into other areas where transit service isn’t as strong now. All of this means the growing number of Londoners who use public transit can count on more efficient, reliable service to get where they need to go, on time and with ease.

Smart Traffic Systems

Smart traffic systems save people time – and not just transit riders. A key part of the BRT plan, the prioritized traffic signals will act as a central eye in sky to spot traffic patterns and alter signals to ease congestion and improve traffic flow for everyone.

Frequent Buses and Real-Time Bus Information

With BRT buses running every 5 or 10 minutes along the two routes, and real‐time information at BRT bus stops, you’ll know exactly where your bus is and when it’s arriving. Or, if you don’t quite get there in time, you can rest assured the next one will quickly come along.

More Modern Stops

Covered platforms to protect from wind and weather, comfortable seating, modern lighting and heating systems, and technology charging stations are just some of the many features being considered. Plus, 40% of Londoners will live near those stops, and 60% of jobs will be within walking distance of them.

Fixing Roads and Beautifying our Streets

The BRT project will do more than construct dedicated bus lanes. As part of the budget, the project will widen streets and modernize and beautify major corridors, providing a more pleasant experience for all commuters – not just those who travel by bus.

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