London's Downtown Belongs to Everyone and is Our Calling Card to the World

With more and more people seeking to call urban areas their home, we must focus more on transportation to get them around the city.

'Downtown London' represents over 1100 members, works with our community to improve the offerings, the experience and the overall health of the core area of our great city. London's downtown belongs to everyone and is our calling card to the world.

As we strive to be "best in class" of the municipalities of our size, we are sadly lacking in transportation that is accessible, efficient and, yes, rapid!

In order for the city to grow and to be competitive and connected to the rest of the region and the province - we must be able to compete on all levels and Rapid Transit is high on the list. To attract the talent, companies and investment we desire we must have an excellent transit system.

To be a truly walkable and healthy community we must focus more on a great experience, great transit, pedestrian friendly and accessible streets and less on roads and cars."

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  • Betty Hodge
    why has no one commented on this?? this is from 2016, why is shift so non transparent , until the public roars , where are the meetings with individual ward councillors?? we have tried to thrive in downtown , why do you feel everyone wants to live downtown? I think that is a big problem ,
    have you really asked where people want to live?? I can see shuttle buses being very helpful for seniors
    when did shift not realize we want to be a part of the solution??