Rapid Transit met with key stakeholder groups and advisory committees this week

Throughout this week the Rapid Transit Team met with various Stakeholder Groups to hear their ideas, questions and concerns.

During our Community Stakeholder Group meeting, there were representatives from Brescia University College, CF Masonville Place, Citi Plaza, Fanshawe College, Huron University College, Kings University College, London Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph's Health Care London, Thames Valley District School Board, Western University, and White Oaks Mall. This was followed by additional one-on-one meetings with Citi Plaza, Emergency Services, CF Masonville Place, White Oaks Mall, Technical Agencies, and Fanshawe College. 

We held a design charrette (workshop) with Western University in which we focused on design concepts for the campus area. 

In addition, we met with a number of key Municipal Advisory Committees to help us shape the concept alternatives for the approved RT corridors, including the Cycling Advisory Committee; Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Oppression Advisory Committee, London Advisory Committee on Heritage, Transportation Advisory Committee, and Trees and Forests Advisory Committee.


                 CSG_Oct3.jpg         Municipal_Advisory_Committee_Oct_3.jpg


Coming up

  • Heritage workshop with London Advisory Committee on Heritage (LACH) and other heritage stakeholders
  • Meetings with other Municipal Advisory Committees
  • Public Station and Streetscape Design Charrette

We will be sharing some of the questions and great ideas that came out of these discussions in our next Shift Newsletter.  Make sure to sign up to receive the next issue, and follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram at @ShiftLdnOnt.


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