Here's what London corporate leaders have to say about our Shift initiative:

"Western University is one of Ontario's premiere universities and we know that our national and international rankings for excellence and top student experience will be further enhanced with a rapid transit system serving all of the Western Community."

- Gitta Kulczucki, Vice-President (Resources & Operations), Western University

"We wholeheartedly support the City of London's request for funding to construct a new 22 km Rapid Transit System in London and appreciate that Fanshawe, along with the community at large, has been consulted in this collaboration and will continue to be part of the planning process.  This investment will benefit Londoners and people from across Southwestern Ontario who depend on the critical amenities and services in the city."

- Peter Devlin, President, Fanshawe College

"When completed, a Rapid Transit system in London would not only contribute greatly to local job creation and economic stimulus, it would form a critical link to the Province's previously announced goal of establishing a High Speed Rail corridor between Windsor and Quebec. This would be a transformative project for London and lift the entire Province into a real of economic growth the likes of which we have not seen for decades."

- Gerry Macartney, CEO, The London Chamber of Commerce

"Effective public transit plays a central role in the success of a city's mobility strategy, as evidenced by its significance in the urban planning of leading EU countries and North American cities. With transit ridership in London expected to grow by 50% by 2024, the move to Rapid Transit as part of London's overall transportation system will be critical, making public transit in the City more convenient and cost-effective, and encouraging sustainable development consistent with the City's Official Plan."

- Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager, London Transit Commission

 "A more efficient transit system is vitally important to us as a downtown organization, and we know that what benefits the downtown benefits all Londoners. A rapid transit system will help us in many ways, most importantly:

  • Connectivity - integrated rapid transit corridors with local bus service make it easier for people of all ages, economic means and life stages to get to their destinations efficiently, whether they are attending educational institutions downtown or outside the core, getting to employment opportunities, or engaging in social pursuits..
  • Urban Regeneration - a rapid transit system, supported by both The London Plan (London's official plan) and Our Move Forward (London's Downtown Plan), will not only generate more pedestrian traffic in the core, but also will support community building though both attracting and retaining investment, encourage economic growth and strengthen our competitive positioning within Southwestern Ontario. Surface parking lots will give way to a variety of commercial and residential developments targeted in our Downtown Plan. It will also help us to attract and retain talent much needed to rebuild our local economy.
  • Environmental and health benefits - few vehicles on the road will lead to reduced congestion and emissions, as well as more pedestrian activity.

- Janette MacDonald, CEO and General Manager, Downtown London


Shift has received additional letters of support from: 


Auburn Developments

 Middlesex-London Health Unit

Brescia University College

 Museum London

Covent Garden Market

 Nash Jewellers

Digital Extremes

 Pillar Nonprofit Network

Eldon House

 Sandbar Properties Ltd.


 Small Business Centre

Engine SevenFour

 Southwestern Ontario Transportation Alliance

Goodwill, Ontario Great Lakes

 St. Joseph Health Care London

The Grand Theatre


Hutton House

 Tourism London


 The Tricar Group

Lashbrook Marketing & Public Relations

 Union Gas

London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership

 United Way London & Middlesex

London Chamber of Commerce

 Western University Students' Council

London Convention Centre

London Cross Cultural Learner Centre


London Development Institute

 London St. Thomas Association of Realtors

London District Building & Construction Trades Council

London Youth Advisory Council

LiUNA Local 1059

 London Fuse

London Economic Development Corporation

London Public Library