The Stars are Seldom this Well Aligned

In order to compete in an increasingly globalized economy where both capital and labour can move around the world, London needs a strategy to attract and retain talent.

Particularly important for any city is retaining talented young millennials, who are less interested in car ownership than previous generations. Reliable, quality rapid transit is an important part of creating the kind of community that can compete in the new economy.

The timing could not be better for London to embark on such a project. Both the federal and provincial governments have committed to substantial increases in infrastructure spending. A rapid transit system is exactly the type of project that our federal and provincial governments are looking to invest in, as a means of increasing productivity and the quality of life in our region.

The stars are seldom this well aligned. We have the chance to reduce gridlock and make the city more accessible to Londoners. Let’s not miss this opportunity!


Dr. Mike P. Moffatt
Assistant Professor
Business Economics and Public Policy Group Ivey Business School
Western University

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