We're Moving Forward!

After careful review of a variety of alternatives, on May 16th, 2017, London City Council took the important step of selecting the corridors that will make up the City’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network. At the recommendation of staff, Council approved a refined version of L and 7-shaped corridors bisecting the City.

The BRT corridors will consist of:

      • a northern corridor running through downtown along Richmond Street with an at-grade level crossing at the CP Railway and dedicated bus lanes;

      • a two-way east-west couplet system along King Street and Queens Avenue; and,

      • a 7-shaped south-west route running from Oxford Street at Wonderland, down Wharncliffe to Riverside, and south along Wellington Street.

While these corridors do not include the previously proposed tunnel and underground transit station under Richmond Street, the challenge of the CP railway crossing remains. For this reason, alternative methods to separate both automobile and transit vehicles from the railway in the downtown (for example, a tunnel or grade separation, etc.) will be evaluated for long-term implementation under a separate process.

In response to concerns about reduced automobile traffic lanes along the northern rapid transit corridor, council also directed that the Adelaide Street / CP railway grade separation be considered a necessary element of the rapid transit system. Subject to appropriate approvals and funding, this work will be completed as soon as possible to accommodate traffic diverted from Richmond Street.

 What's Next?

      • Staff will prepare a revised rapid transit business case by the end of July and complete the Master Planning Stage of the process.

      • The project will move into detailed design and planning.

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