What could Rapid Transit look like in London?




  • Rapid Transit (RT) would operate in dedicated laneways that would allow it to bypass other vehicles, allowing it to stay on schedule.

  • Would have signal priority at major intersections in order to stay on-schedule and operate quickly.

  • RT would form a backbone for transit in London. Travellers can use Rapid Transit for long distance trips to get to their destinations faster and more reliability.

  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) are both proven technologies that allow travellers to get to their destination faster and increase the number of riders using transit.

  • RT is about making transit better for existing riders and to attract new riders. It will increase transportation capacity in London and offer new mobility options.

  • RT can operate with as frequently as every 5-10 minutes, meaning you know there will always be a bus coming. You won’t need to live your life by a bus schedule.

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