Why do all the proposed corridors go downtown?




  • Downtown London is still a major activity centre in London, with high transit usage, and is planned to be home to a large number of new residents and jobs over the next 20 years. Downtown London is home to major attractions like Budweiser Gardens, Convent Market, the train and bus stations, local stores and many employment places.

  • RT routes downtown will provide a central transfer location so that individuals can reach any part of the city quickly any reliability.

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  • It is extremely inconvenience to go to downtown to make a transfer, and it will make the current downtown routes more crowded. To built a BRT system, other direct transfer points where are away from downtown should be considered, so people can make transfer easily and save a lot of time.
    For example, I live in Argyle. If I would like to go to the Hospital at Wellington, it takes me over 1 hour to transfer from downtown and go to hospital on Wellington. Why couldn’t you make a direct routes from Argyle to Victoria Hospital directly? And it will release the pressure of heavy traffic in downtown.